Play War On At Home!

We have made WAR ON publicly available to be playtested at home! Only for Windows PC’s, and you must have at least two gamepads and one friend to kill (Four for the best experience). Follow the download link for your free copy today! Don’t forget to hit us up on our Facebook page to leave feedback so we can make WAR ON as great as possible!

We support gamepads/controllers (we do not support keyboard/mouse at this stage). War On has been tested thoroughly with XBox 360 and XBox One gamepads, however other gamepads should work.
This build is multiplayer only so 2 or more game controllers are required.

Windows Environment (7, 8 or 10) required, Visual Studio C++ 2013 32bit Redistributable installation required (vcredist_x86.exe)

RadCore Entertainment are gearing up for Pax Aus Submission 2016

For the last month or so, we have been steering War On towards submission to the Pax Aus Indie Showcase.

War on has grown up over the last few months as we have been applying the spit an polish and gathering feedback from public playtest. For those of you who don’t know what War On is about, here is our submission spiel:

Run, jump, jetpack and blast your way to victory in our 2D local 4 player multiplayer deathmatch, “War On”. War On combines the fast pace frenetic action style of games such as Square Heroes and Soldat with the measured strategic approach of games like Worms Armageddon. With a strong focus on frenzied 4 player competitive action crossed with survival through the use of destructible terrain for cover, limited ammo and devastating weapons.

War On has a unique focus on hard rocking sound design. Taunt your enemies with your stomping metal theme song as Stumper, or channel your inner punk as you take the lead with a rocket to your opponent’s face as Rotter. Retrospectively channeling the glory days of couch multiplayer gaming, War On has been built from the ground up with a focus on putting a gamepad in the hands of 4 combatants with a thirst for blood and an appetite for destruction. Only the most veracious will succeed.  

With many more game modes and customisations in the works, War On is a title like no other that is certain to have you mashing the Play Again button as your friends plead for mercy!

Upcoming War On Public Appearance

The latest incarnation of our in-development video game, War On; will be appearing at Newcastle Gamesday hosted by DownForwardPunch this Saturday 25th June from 10AM.

There will be competitions, vendors selling awesome video game wares and free entry.

Come and help us test drive our latest 4 player 2D deathmatch action game! Don’t miss the opportunity to kill your friend’s with a rocket to the face!

Place: 846 Hunter St, Newcastle West NSW 2302
Date: 25th June 2016
Time: From 10:00 AM